About Us

Symian Electronics is Kenya's premier Used Electronics dealer!

We specify in the purchase, quality assessment and sale of Second Hand products. We aim to bring pocket-friendly alternatives to you while guaranteeing you of proven quality. All our products are seen through standardized performance tests to ensure that their performance is qualified to handle a second user. Confidence schemes such as warranties (offered with each product on sale) as well as functionality guarantees and trade-ins have made us the most reputable brand in the used Electronics market across the country. We hope to bring you many years of satisfactory service.

What We Offer:

- The sale of used Electronics to the general public.
- The Purchase of used Electronics from certified suppliers as well as the general public (the latter based on terms and conditions).
- Trade-ins.

Our Products are:

- Vetted with standardized performance tests.
- Guaranteed to have 100% Functionality.
- Included with a 14 Day Warranty.


Call Us : 0716 796 000