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'Grade' Describes Device Condition:

Boxed (Unsealed): Used for two weeks or less. They include all their original accessories and boxing.

Grade A: In perfect condition, they exhibit very minimal to no signs of wear and tear.

Grade B: Usage signs are minimal, confined to the sides or back, and do not alter the functionality of the device.

Grade C: Visible signs of wear and tear on the sides and the back. Primary functions such as screen, camera, buttons etc. are fully functional and device can be used without any operational hassle.

Apple iPhone 7 PlusGrade AMatte Black128GB66,999
Apple iPhone 7 PlusGrade BJet Black128GB61,499
Apple iPhone 7 Plus Grade ASilver32GB62,999
Apple iPhone 7 Box (Unsealed)Rose Gold128GB59,999
Apple iPhone 7Grade AMatte Black128GB57,999
Apple iPhone 7 Grade AGold32GB53,999
Apple iPhone 7Grade AMatte Black32GB53,999
Apple iPhone 6s Plus Grade ARose Gold64GB49,999
Apple iPhone 6s Plus Grade BRose Gold64GB47,999
Apple iPhone 6s PlusGrade AGold16GB44,999
Apple iPhone 6s Grade AGold64GB41,999
Apple iPhone 6s Grade AGold16GB37,999
Apple iPhone 6 Plus Grade ASilver16GB35,999
Apple iPhone 6 PlusGrade ASpace Grey16GB35,999
Apple iPhone 6Grade AGold64GB34,999
Apple iPhone 6 Grade ASpace Grey16GB29,999
Apple iPhone 6
Grade ASilver16GB29,999
Apple iPhone 6 Grade B Gold16GB27,999
Apple iPhone 5sGrade AGold32GB19,999
Apple iPhone 5s
Grade AGrey & Slate16GB16,999
Apple iPhone 5 Grade A Grey & Slate16GB12,999
Apple iPhone 5C Grade AWhite8GB10,499
Apple iPad Air 2 Wifi & Cellular
Grade ASpace Grey32GB32,499
Apple iPad Air Wifi & Cellular
Grade ASpace Grey16GB27,999
Apple iPad Air - Wifi OnlyGrade AGrey & Slate32GB20,499
Apple iPad Mini 3 Wifi & CellularGrade AGrey & Slate32GB25,999
Apple iPad Mini Wifi & CellularGrade ASilver16GB20,499
Samsung Galaxy S8 PlusGrade AMaple Gold64GB58,999
Samsung Galaxy S8Box (Unsealed)Midnight Black64GB55,999
Samsung Galaxy S8Grade AMidnight Black64GB54,999
Samsung Galaxy S7 EdgeGrade ABlack Onyx32GB37,999
Samsung Galaxy S7 EdgeGrade APlatinum Gold32GB37,999
Samsung Galaxy S7 Grade ABlack32GB30,999
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge - Custom Color EditionGrade BCoral Blue32GB34,999
Samsung Galaxy Note 5Box (Unsealed)White32GB32,999
Samsung Galaxy Note 5
Grade A White 32GB32,999
Samsung Galaxy Note 4Grade AWhite32GB21,999
Samsung Galaxy Note 4Grade ABlack32GB21,999
Samsung Galaxy S6 EdgeGrade AGold64GB32,499
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Grade AGold32GB28,499
Samsung Galaxy S6Grade APlatinum Gold32GB23,499
Samsung Galaxy S6 Grade ATopaz Blue32GB23,499
Samsung Galaxy S5Grade ABlack16GB14,999
Samsung Galaxy S5Grade BGold16GB11,499
Samsung Galaxy S5Grade BWhite16GB11,499
Samsung Galaxy S4 (LTE)Grade ABlue16GB11,499
Samsung Galaxy S4 - White
Grade BWhite16GB10,999
Samsung Galaxy A7 2016Grade AWhite16GB20,499
Samsung Galaxy J1 - DuosGrade ABlack4GB4,499
Samsung Galaxy AlphaGrade AGrey32GB14,999
Samsung Galaxy E7Grade AWhite16GB14,499
Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0Grade ABlack16GB25,999
Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 - Wifi & CellularGrade ABlack16GB14,499
Samsung Galaxy Tab A Wifi & CellularGrade AWhite16GB17,999
Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Wifi & CellularGrade AWhite16GB12,499
Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Tab - Wifi & CellularGrade AWhite16GB 15,499
Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Tab - Wifi & CellularGrade ABlack16GB 15,499
Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 - Wifi Only
Grade AWhite 16GB9,999
Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0" - Wifi OnlyGrade A Black8GB6,999
Huawei Mate 9 Pro (6GB RAM)Box (Unsealed)Champage Gold128GB58,999
Huawei Y5 2017Grade AGold16GB10,499
Huawei Y6 IIBox (Unsealed)Gold16GB9,999
Huawei Y6 ProGrade AGold16GB8,499
HTC One M10Grade A Gold32GB 26,999
HTC One M9 Plus
Grade AAmber Gold32GB21,599
HTC One M9Grade A Gold32GB18,999
HTC One M8Grade BGunmetal Grey32GB12,499
HTC One M8 Grade BGold32GB12,499
HTC One M7Grade ABlack32GB10,999
HTC Desire 826 G +Grade A Blue 16GB12,499
Sony Xperia Z3 PlusGrade AAqua Green32GB23,999
Sony Xperia Z3 Plus DualGrade ABlack32GB23,999
Sony Xperia E4
Grade BBlack16GB9,999
Tecno Phantom 6 PlusGrade AGold64GB16,999
Tecno Phantom 6 Grade A Gold32GB13,499
Tecno Y2
Grade ABlack4GB4,499
Tecno N2SGrade AGrey8GB4,499
Infinix Zero 5 ProGrade A Black128GB27,000
Infinix Zero 5Grade ABlack64GB21,499
Infinix Hot 5Grade A Black16GB8,999
Infinix Hot 5Grade ABlack16GB8,499
Infinix Hot 4 LiteGrade A Gold16GB6,499
Infinix Hot SGrade BGold16GB8,499
Nokia 6Box (Unsealed)White64GB21,999
LG G3Grade BWhite32GB16,499
Oneplus 2Grade AGrey64GB23,499
Lenovo Vibe CGrade ABlack8GB6,499
Samsung Gear VR 2016Box (Unsealed)Blue-Black-7,999

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